Thursday, September 11, 2014

52 sandwiches #44: torta de rajas

There's a backstory to this sandwich and I'm going to share it with you (even if you don't want to hear it. ;)

I realized the other day that various cultures must each have their own unique sandwiches (after seeing this picture- yum), and thought I'd look into my own culture for some sandwich inspiration. I've mentioned that my mom is from Guatemala and my dad is from Mexico. (They met and married in California. My siblings and I were all born in California). I like both Mexican and Guatemalan/Central American food, so I started researching Guatemalan sandwiches first. I came across a few different sandwiches that peaked my interest. A chile relleno recipe, in particular, got my wheels turning. I asked my mom if she had ever tried a chile relleno sandwich and she said she had. Though she has made chile rellenos, she has not made chile relleno sandwiches. (Mom, why??)

Then I remembered that my dad makes rajas (not often enough), which is kind of like a deconstructed chile relleno. I suggested us trying a raja torta altogether for lunch this past weekend. Spoiler: they were delicious!
52 sandwiches no. 44: torta de rajas
I don't typically give exact measurements for recipes that I share because I figure we all like more of some things and less of others and we're making unique serving sizes for ourselves/our families. Aren't you glad this isn't a food blog? To make rajas, take poblano chili peppers. Roast them and peel them (like this). Then slice them long ways. Saute them in butter. While they're sauteing, cut an onion into slices. Slice carrots and potatoes long ways, as well. Add the vegetables to the sauted peppers. Add garlic salt, pepper, and laurel leaves. Allow the vegetables to get soft and caramelize. Add 1 can of enchilada sauce (spicy if you'd like) and and 1 can of tomato sauce to the vegetables (in equal parts). Allow the vegetables to simmer. Once they've softened (after about 10 to 15 minutes), top the vegetables with shredded queso fresco and dollops of sour cream. Do not mix.
52 sandwiches no. 44: torta de rajas
To make the sandwich, cut the bolillo in half. Add the vegetables and sauce to the bolillo. Be sure to top with sour cream and cheese.
52 sandwiches no. 44: torta de rajas

** I am attempting to make 52 sandwiches. Read more about how this project got started here. See all the sandwiches I've made so far here.**