Wednesday, August 27, 2014

workspace wednesday

workspace wednesday
Over the years when people have seen my scrapbooks or handmade items, they ask, "Where do you find the time?" I often laugh in response, but sometimes I think, "I make time!" I think, "Others make time to watch TV, go shopping, take afternoon naps, get coffee with friends, clean their house, read, go to the beach, go back to school, etc. I make time for this." We all have our order of priorities. Lately though, I find myself asking, "How does she have time??" I find that my true priorities (tending to my family's everyday needs and playing taskmaster with my daughters- "it's time for breakfast," "it's time to go to school," "stop playing/it's time for homework," "brush your teeth," etc.) are consuming my time so much that I hardly have as much leisure time as I used to. Then I have to reevaluate and truly look over how I spend my time and, more importantly, how I prioritize what's worth my time. For example, I have gotten into the bad habit of feeling like my house needs to be spotless. (It never is, by the way). Every room seems cluttered, and some truly are, but some are just evidence of a family that lives here. We live here! So there are toys everywhere (EVERYWHERE)- who cares? It's not that my house needs to be spotless, it's that I need to shift my perspective. Life is too short to stay on top of washing dishes. The dishes can pile up a little more. I have a summer Project Life book to complete! ;)

There are dust bunnies collecting in a corner, but I am sorting through my summer break pictures to have them printed soon and arranging my layouts. My priorities are finally in order. ;)

Happy mess-making!

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