Wednesday, August 20, 2014

workspace wednesday // currently in august

whimsy jar
missing summer break
hoping to get into a fluid routine soon
wanting to go to the beach beformeilane summer is over
realizing schools don't decide when summer is over
eating watermelon (it's still in season because it's still summer. humph)
enjoying Addy's enthusiasm about going to school (this is her first year)
grateful for good schools and teachers
exercising often- still doing Zumba, but also doing a Jillian Michael's workout a few times a week
excited to read The Giver- I haven't read it since 7th grade . . . and I'm looking forward to watching the movie
happy that Lani likes middle school
planning a fun birthday party for Juli's first birthday
watching as Juli grows and learns so much every day
needing to schedule girl dates with each of my girls
knowing Evie will be so excited by that
wearing shorts, tank tops, flip flops #california #knowshowtoparty
drinking green smoothies every day
working on pairing whimsy jar swap partners and getting the emails sent to everybody #yay
challenging myself to complete my summer Project Life book this month
glad you stopped by today
happy mess-making! ;)

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