Tuesday, August 5, 2014

my weight loss toolbox: inspiring links

my weightloss toolbox: strength and beauty of the body
I'm constantly looking for motivation to keep exercising, to eat right, and to be a healthier person all around. These are a few things I've seen online that have inspired me.

I read the quote above here.

I've mentioned that I follow the Women's Health blog with the labels "weight loss" and "fitness." I really enjoy the #motivationmonday and #fitnessfriday features. On those days, there are links to inspirational Instagram pictures and videos.

One time Women's Health linked to this Instagram video, and I've been following @itscharafterall ever since. I also follow her trainer @_amfitness, who trains in Miami. They post these difficult, obviously effective workout videos.

I link to Gina's blog Skinnytaste.com often. As she says in her about page, she blogs "healthy, low fat, family-friendly recipes." I appreciate her philosophy, which is in sync with mine: "My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, clean, whole foods and maintain good portion control. When you cook your own meals, you know you can feel good about what is going into your body. . . Exercise + a well balanced diet + good sleep = a happy life" (also in her about page). I've made several of her recipes for me and my family. See some here.

I came across the Instagram feed @simplegreensmoothies. (This is their site). They inspired my 30 day green smoothie challenge this month. I haven't been feeling vegetables lately (gasp!), so I'm trying this out.

I recently came across the article "How to get a Healthy and Strong Body." Basic, but a good reminder.

I'm thinking I'll make "inspiring links" a monthly feature. I'll be on the lookout for more motivational links.

Have you come across any helpful sites for weight loss/healthy living?? Please share if you have. :)

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