Friday, August 1, 2014

five on friday

five on friday: stay positive
"Stay Positive" card from the shop Shifting Status Kuo; "Xoxo!" stamp from the shop Molly Frances; "Get excited" stamp no longer available/from Elise's pop up stamp shop; assorted washi tapes from Michael's; Pilot razor extra fine point pen; "Happy" wood veneer from Freckled Fawn (I was just going to share the link for the card, but then it kinda snowballed from there ;)

Happy August! On the first of the month, I typically share my goals for the month, but because it's Friday, I'm going to share my goals on Monday. I *have to* share links inspiring me this week, right?

1. I was ooohing and aaaahing about Laura's outdoor space, which she shared on A Beautiful Mess. I was especially curious about her colorful, area rug, which I found out in another post she painted. She painted it on the concrete! It looks amazing. She shared her process here. So cool.

2. Tracy from Shutterbean shared a recipe for raspberry mango ice cream cake this week. I am making that soon. Hold me to it.

3.  Elizabeth from Dear Lizzy shared a tutorial for a bow garland this week. It's super cute.

4. This post about being a new mom on Coffee + Crumbs by N'tima is spot-on: When Love Feels Heavy.

5. In case you missed it, I blogged about the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles earlier this week. I am happy I came across Keiko Brodeur's work, some of which she sells in her shop Small Adventure. I bought her zebra succulent card at the fair, and I'm itching to buy more from her. I'm glad she posts on Instagram. Gotta love Instagram.

I'll be back tomorrow with week 9 of our summer break. :)

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