Wednesday, July 23, 2014

whimsy jar swap (**now closed**)

I've decided to go ahead, and host a whimsy jar swap. It's been so long since I've participated in a swap! 
whimsy jar swap- details on my blog
The idea of this swap is to take a small jar (7 ounces- give or take a little), and fill it up with pretty and usable craft items like buttons, paper clips, washi tape, ribbon, wooden veneers, rubber stamps, silk flowers, tags, flair badges/buttons, charms, labels, you name it. It took me 15 minutes to put this jar together. Easy!
whimsy jar swap- details on my blog
I've decided to make this a one on one swap.
whimsy jar swap- details on my blog
Here's what you need to do:

1. Sign up for the swap by sending me an email by August 15 or until we reach a maximum of 30 participants. 

2. The first step is to find 1 good-looking jar- maybe recycle a jelly jar (the Bonne Maman jars are my favorite), a pesto jar, or a vintage jar, etc.

3. Finally, fill up your jars with your partner's likes, and...

4. Ship them off to your swap partner along with your name and contact information (by August 22).

Contact me if you have any questions. 
whimsy jar swap- details on my blog
See more whimsy jars here.

I will be accepting international participants for this swap. I will be grouping international participants with each other to keep shipping costs low.