Thursday, July 31, 2014

july recap

Every month at the end of the month, I recap my monthly activities/goals and link to various personal blog posts. See all of 2014's monthly recaps here.

The end of the month is here, friends. I won't say how it went by so fast. I won't say how summer is going by way too fast. I won't say how this month was busy. I won't say how I'm sad to see it go. Because it's redundant. ;)

This month was the last full month of my girls' summer break. We completed a few things from our summer manifesto. See all of our fun, summer break activities here.
july recap
This month I snuck in some "me" time by crafting and catching up with my Project Life layouts. See my Project Life spreads here. See my Workspace Wednesday posts here.
july recap
This month we celebrated the 4th of July, one of my favorite holidays. To celebrate we made apple pies and cherry/blueberry flag pies. I discussed our celebration a bit more here.
july recap
This month I went to Renegade Craft Fair LA. One word: awesome. I blogged more about it here.
july recap
I was feeling whimsy jars this month. I made a few, and I decided to host my own whimsy jar swap. There's still time to join if you're interested. See my whimsy jars here. Join my whimsy jar swap here.
july recap
This month I completed my 100 Happy Days project. Whew. It was long. It was a good exercise, but on Day 101 of 100 Happy Days, I was happy this project was complete. ;) I discussed it more here.
This month one of our fun, summer break activities included a bug patterned tutorial. It's one of my favorite projects this summer. Check out the tutorial here.
july recap
This month I tried to keep my goals with weight loss a priority. (Spoiler: I'm not always successful). I discussed how healthy foods can be indulgent, too (cherries- yum!), staying on plan during vacations, and protein consumption.
This month I added 3 sandwiches to my 52 sandwiches project:
52 sandwiches no. 38: mediterranean chicken flatbread
Mediterranean chicken flatbread
52 sandwiches no. 40: pepper jack grilled cheese
Pepper jack grilled cheese
sandwich no. 39: lasagna grilled cheese
And lasagna grilled cheese

See? I won't say it was a busy month. ;)

Because it was such a full (didn't say busy!) month, how do you suppose I did with my goals for July?
july goals
Here's a recap:

Continue to incorporate daily, fun summer break activities for my girls
Check. Thumbs up.
Also, document our activitiesProject Life.
Well. . . I did share our activities here on my blog, so that's a start. It'll be easy to journal and all that jazz when I am able to sit down and work on my book.
Track my meals/snacks every day this month
"Every day this month." Pffft. I was more regular with my tracking, but not the best. I give myself a C.
Put makeup on in the morning
I did okay with this. Some days I was on it, and some days I wasn't. Because life.

And that's it! Goodbye July 2014.

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