Friday, July 11, 2014

five on friday

plant portrait
(I completed the plant portrait I started the other day- see here).

1. I am enjoying reading this new, collaborative blog about motherhood: Coffee + Crumbs.

2. Unrelated: I'm stocking up on coffee. It is the pre-workout drink that can help burn more calories.

3. I really thought she used a heating tool to get her hair like that. I'm going to try her homemade sea salt spray.

4. I made Gina's zucchini lasagna this week. Seriously. So tasty for not using lasagna noodles. But because it's so hot, using the oven is not a good idea- I made a lasagna sandwich that I'll be sharing next week. My sister Jasmine shared a preview of it on Instagram.

5. How cute are these Backyard BBQ Invitations? Answer: so cute.