Monday, July 14, 2014

bug patterned tote bags tutorial

For one of our summer break activities (see 2014's recent activities here/see 2013's activities here), we stamped on some tote bags. I'm potato stamp crazy right now. After we made the silly faces, (click here to see them) I knew I wanted us to stamp something else soon (#stampallthethings). We went with bug patterned tote bags because I saw these potato stamped ladybugs. I was also inspired by the pattern on this tote bag.

We gathered our supplies: canvas tote bags, permanent acrylic paint, potatoes, cookie cutters, a knife, paint brushes, paint palettes (we recycled food container lids- like the ones from yogurt tubs- and used those), and newspapers to protect the dining table).
bug patterned tote bags tutorial summer break week no. 4
To make our stamps, we used cookie cutters. For example, for the ladybug, I used a big circle for the body, a little circle for the black dots, and a smaller circle cut in half for the head. I described this process more when we made our silly faces made from potato stamps (here). Once we had our stamps made, we used a paint brush to get even coverage on the stamps, then we stamped on regular paper to get an idea of what the totes would look like.
summer break week no. 4
Then, we stamped on the totes. I did very little, and encouraged them to stamp on their own.
summer break week no. 6 bug patterned tote bags tutorial
They did a good job. 
bug patterned tote bags tutorial bug patterned tote bags tutorial bug patterned tote bags tutorial
I have yet to wash them, but I will let you know how it goes when I do. The box of acrylic paints said they would work on fabric, so we'll see!

I think I'll have to make my own now.