Tuesday, July 29, 2014

blog editorial calendar

"Editorial" makes me sound way more professional than I am. ;) I have been blogging regularly and consistently for a while now. (In total, I've been blogging for 5 years- see here). Blogging has become a serious hobby for me, which sounds funny to say (write?) out loud. When blogging became more "serious" for me, I realized I needed more structure/better organization. I got the idea for making a blog editorial calendar after reading Elise Cripe's post about how she generates content. (I pretty much get all of my blogging advice from Elise. ;)

Elise used to use a large wall calendar with post its (to move around if necessary). I believe she is currently using a bulletin board, which she made into a calendar of sorts with washi tape. (So cool). I am using my Sugar Paper monthly/weekly planner from their Target collaboration. I got the kraft 5x8" planner. (I hope there is something in the works for 2015!)

I was using post its, but an now using bits of washi tape for each day. I use a black sharpie to write on the tape. You probably know that washi tape is removable, which is good if I need to change something.
blog editorial calendar
My regular, weekly content includes Workspace Wednesday, my 52 Sandwiches project, Five on Friday, and our 2014 summer break weekly recap. Monthly/bimonthly content includes my monthly goals, My Weight Loss Toolbox, Project Life, Pretty Parties, monthly recaps, personal posts, etc. I also have infrequent content, more of which can be seen in my sidebar or here.
blog editorial calendar
Seriously, fun hobby. ;) If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

P.S. Won't ya join me for my Whimsy Jar Swap?
whimsy jar swap- details on my blog

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