Thursday, July 17, 2014

52 sandwiches #39: lasagna grilled cheese

I recently started listening to Joy the Baker's podcast. It's highly recommended by several of my favorite bloggers. I started listening to Joy's podcast, then reading her blog, then following her on Instagram. I'm committed is what I'm saying. I really enjoy reading her blog. She posts delicious looking recipes, but she's also funny and down to earth. She recently linked to a lasagna grilled cheese sandwich she had made, and I knew I had to make it for my 52 Sandwiches project. Like she said in her post, "Let's sandwich!"
sandwich no. 39: lasagna grilled cheese
For this sandwich, I combined ricotta, basil, salt and pepper. (Joy gave measurements if you need them. Then, I spread that on a slice of bread. Next, I layered halved, cherry tomatoes, which were also seasoned and smashed, and shredded, mozzarella cheese. Finally, I topped my sandwich with the other slice of bread. The first time I made this sandwich, I simply pressed it in the panini press. The next time I grilled it with with olive oil and butter. You can guess which one was better. Bring on the butter!
sandwich no. 39: lasagna grilled cheese
Rather than making lasagna in this hot weather (assuming you're in an area where it's hot) make this lasagna sandwich instead. You can never go wrong with melted cheese.

** I am attempting to make 52 sandwiches. Read more about how this project got started here. See all the sandwiches I've made so far here.**