Thursday, July 10, 2014


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Yesterday I completed the 100 Happy Days project that I started in April. One of my overarching goals this year is to be present. Finding what made me happy on a daily basis was a good exercise in appreciating the present moment, and finding joy in my everyday activities/routines. What I noticed during this project is that I was more mindful throughout the day because I made a goal to post a picture every day. Some happy moments were (are) fleeting and I wasn't able to photograph them like Juli laughing or a bright, genuine smile from Addy, but the point wasn't just to photograph my happy moments. For me the point was to realize: "This makes me happy." I think it was an uplifting exercise. On the flip side, I'm glad my Instagram feed will no longer be just about this project. As much as I liked it, I'm also ready to move on. :)
Check out my hashtag #jessicar100happydays on Instagram to see the pictures individually with more detailed captions.
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