Monday, June 23, 2014

twenty things

. . . about me

1. Watering our starter plants makes me super happy. It's neat watching them grow.

2. My sweet tooth is out of control.

3. I'm snobby about the movies I watch. Jesse told me one time, "It's just entertainment. Try not to think too much about it." (Whaaaat? That's impossible, right?)

4. I miss being a student- reading books, listening to lectures from brilliant professors, religiously looking through syllabuses, taking notes (I took excellent notes).

5. I'm hard on myself, and rarely take time to acknowledge my positive qualities.

6. For years I've been expressing how glad I am that we moved from Los Angeles when I was growing up (I don't think city life is for me). When I went to visit this last time though, I kinda wanted to live there.

7. I can't sleep without white noise. Right now it's our fan.

8. I am rewarding myself for reaching small weight loss goals. I'm two pounds away from buying these sandals.

9. I always wanted to be a mother.

10. Since I made a goal to drink more water last year, I'm conscious of it and try to drink plenty of it.

11. Emoticons? I love them. Even if it is childish to overuse them as I do. ;)

12. I refer to a dictionary on a daily basis. I have the Merriam Webster Dictionary app, and I u.s.e. it.

13. I'm really excited about this week's summer activities. I have fun ones planned.

14. Just when I think I have enough plants, I go buy another one. (I love, love, LOVE my new succulent- the one that's pictured). You can never have too many plants. Silly me.

15. I can't get enough of my Zumba classes. I wish they were offered every day, so I didn't have to figure out alternate forms of activity on non Zumba days.

16. I don't like lotion because it feels greasy.

17. I send text messages to myself of lists and various reminders.

18. I also set alarms to remind me of important things like paying my bills.

19. I rarely use the baby's nursery. We typically hang out in my room. I've moved her toy box, recliner, and diapers into our room. Ha.

20. I'm orderly, but my house is a mess. Or maybe I'd like to think I'm orderly, but I'm not? Or maybe I have little ones that leave trails of toys, current projects, and books wherever they go? ;) I'm currently looking at little sandals on the floor, a jar of rubber bands, and a rainbow loom. Ha!

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. I really like this post. It's interesting for even those of us that think we know everything about you. haha. You want to live in LA?!?! whhhhhaathh?? ;)