Monday, June 9, 2014

ice cream (well, custard)

We've decided to have ice cream or frozen yogurt every Friday of our summer break. (I have to save up my weekly points for this. Everything in moderation though, right? ;)
On our first Friday, we went to Freddy's Steakhouse. It was a windy, warm evening, so we sat outside to enjoy our ice cream (well, at Freddy's Steakhouse it's custard not ice cream).
Jesse ordered a strawberry milkshake instead of custard, Lani ordered a chocolate brownie delight sundae, Evie and Addy ordered dirt n' worms sundaes, and I ordered a signature turtle sundae.
summer break week no. 1: ice cream
ice cream!
ice cream!
ice cream!
I don't think I have to sell ice cream (or custard!) to anyone, right? They were delicious. We'll be trying other ice cream places, but there are so many treats tempting me on Freddy's menu.

P.S. I'm currently trying to lose weight (though you're probably thinking "Are you sure?" after reading this post). Read more about my Weight Loss toolbox here. ;)

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