Wednesday, May 7, 2014

workspace wednesday

workspace wednesday
workspace wednesday
If you're a long time follower, you know that I'm a paper crafter. Paper crafting is my all time favorite, crafting hobby. Maybe yours is knitting, jewelry making, painting, weaving, flower arranging, embroidering, drawing, what have you. All of those crafts interest me, but none I feel so passionately about as I do about paper crafting. A few years ago, I participated in a Flickr month of photos challenge. One of the prompts was "Something I'm passionate about" and I posted a picture of Dennison labels. One commenter said something like "I never knew people got passionate about labels." lol!

When my sister Jasmine was dating her now husband Oscar, we had went to his house for a party. Oscar's family is in the construction business, and owns a tractor. At one point during the party, Oscar drove the tractor out, and Oscar's friend sat on the front of the tractor lift bucket thing with such a look of satisfaction on his face (both Oscar and his friend looked strangely satisfied). (I know it's probably dangerous for someone to ride on the front of that lift. Sorry if you're very concerned). I was having a conversation with Jesse at the time, when he looked right past me towards the tractor- looking way too interested. The entire world had gone quiet, and he was focusing intently on the tractor. We, of course, had to head over as Oscar lowered the lift, and his friend, the little prince, came off of the lift. Jasmine and I have been laughing about this for years. We've been making fun of our husbands and Oscar's little prince of a friend. We've mimicked them in baby talk, "Look at me in my big tractor with its big wheels. It goes vrooooom. I can lift my friend. It goes up and down. See."

"Can I play with your toy, Oscar? No? It's only yours?"

"Look at me on top of this big toy. It's cause my friend owns this toy. You can't be on it, but I can."

All followed by bouts of hysterical laughter. (I laughed several times writing this). Recently the tables were turned though, when my sister and I were discussing Project Life, getting excited about new products, or whatever. Oscar, in baby talk, said, "I take my stamp, and I ink it, and I stamp on the paper like this. See. I made a picture." *Serious face.* That's not funny though. ;)

We like what we like. Amiright?

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