Tuesday, May 20, 2014

simple, fiesta party

My sister Jasmine's birthday was this past weekend. We had lunch together to celebrate- grilled chicken, carne asada, chilaquiles, rice, beans, chips, and salsa. We love homemade Mexican food. (I say Mexican, but my mom is Guatemalan, and we have plenty of Guatemalan food, too).

We added a few festive touches. I loved the idea of bright flowers in recycled jalapeƱo or salsa cans:
fiesta party
(from here and here)

I've mentioned that my dad used to be a florist. We asked him to make the flower arrangements.
fiesta party fiesta party
Lunch was delicious! For extra fun, we made strawberry margarita mocktails.
fiesta party fiesta party
Oscar, my brother in law, made deep fried ice cream, which Jasmine requested. Jasmine and Oscar recently returned from a vacation in San Diego and were excited to have tried deep fried ice cream while they were there. It was dangerously good.
fiesta party
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