Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my weight loss toolbox: active link

active links
I recently got an Active Link, which you already know if you keep up with me on Instagram or Twitter. It is still assessing my current activity level. I'm tempted to sprint from one side of the house like a child, but I won't.

If you don't know anything about an Active Link, I obviously should have lead with that. An Active Link is an activity monitor (which only works for Weight Watchers online subscribers for an additional $5 monthly fee). I wear it in my shirt to track my activity. Others wear it as a necklace or on their belt. Every few days (or few hours if you're like me and are addicted to the results), you connect the Active Link to your computer like a flash drive. It syncs to your Weight Watchers' account and tells you how many (if any) Weight Watchers' points you've accumulated.

What's neat (others consider this frustrating) is that you have to reach a baseline level of activity before you start accumulating points. In other words, your body has to reach a particular amount of activity in order to maintain your current weight (this depends on your gender, weight, height, age). Weight loss takes place in activity beyond your baseline. It's so good to know! On the days I haven't been as active, I won't get as many points for my workout because I haven't reached my baseline level of activity beforehand. I can see where that's frustrating for some, but I'm enlightened by it.

I have one more day of it assessing me. It will, then, challenge me for 12 weeks to be more active- gradually increasing my level of activity week to week.  I'm looking forward to the challenge. :) I will be sharing more about my experience in the weeks to come.  

(Want to know more about My Weight Loss Toolbox?  Start here, and continue here). 

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