Friday, May 30, 2014

may recap

Every month at the end of the month, I recap my monthly activities/goals and link to various personal blog posts. See all of 2014's monthly recaps here.

The end of this month caught me off guard. I was looking through my blog calendar earlier this week, and realized I would be posting a monthly recap at the end the week. (!!!) One time when Jesse and I were driving on the freeway, a big truck in front of us started kicking up dirt and it was hitting our car pretty hard. Jesse, who is usually Mr. Cool, Calm, and Collected, exclaimed, "We're being sand blasted!" I thought it was so funny. Sand blasted. Ha! Anyway, that's how I felt about having to do a monthly recap when I was unprepared, "We're being sand blasted!"

Well. . . this month we hosted two parties: a black tie kid's birthday party (with a photo booth!) for Evie and a simple fiesta for Jasmine (my sister). They were supe' fun as Addy would say.
monthly recap: pretty parties
We ate so much good food at those parties. I try to remember I'm on a mission to lose weight. This month I discussed some of what's in my "Weight Loss Toolbox" like managing late-night eating and getting a Weight Watchers Active Link. One of my strategies for coping with late-night eating is to distract myself with crafting (right now it's Project Life).

I'm almost caught up with Project Life. Hooray. If you'd like to follow along, I share my progress with Project Life as well as other crafty endeavors on Workspace Wednesday. This month I made this little, "Makers gonna make," Project Life insert, which I shared along with my Friday links last week.
monthly recap: workspace wednesday | paper projects
This month I added a few sandwiches to my 52 Sandwiches project, and picked up several sandwich books from the library- several as in, like, 15 or more. The librarian said, "You must be a good cook." "Um. . . I'm more of a poser" is what I shoulda said. What I said was: "I try!" Any who, that salmon and mango sandwich was thebest. 
monthly recap: 52 sandwiches

Here's an update on where I stand with my monthly goals for May. (Remember- I may introduce goals that remain goals past the month they were introduced).
may goals
Do 30 bags in 30 days 
Considering I only did 2 bags, I get an F for the month. I will be doing this in the coming weeks though. Hopefully bring that F up to a C. ;)

Eat vegetables or fruit with every meal or snack 
I did really well with this. I'm hoping to keep up with this, and share what I'm doing that's helping.

Stop midweek spending
(at local places like the grocery store) I did really well with this. I stopped myself a few times from going, which made me feel very accomplished.

See more of my monthly recaps here. See my goals for this year here.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. Woah.. this was seriously such a busy month. *sand blasted!* Hahah. Classic ;)

    1. It's always crazy busy. . . in a good way. ;) Sand blasted! Ha!