Thursday, May 1, 2014

may goals

may goals

I'm feeling energized for May! These are my goals for the month.

Do 30 bags in 30 days
I've been following Nikki at Whimsy Love for years. A few years ago she blogged about her 30 bags in 30 days project (here). The idea is to fill 30 bags from various areas in your home and remove them. It'll feel easier to decorate (as I've been wanting to do) after removing some clutter.

Eat vegetables or fruit with every meal or snack
Weight Watchers encourages setting up a variety of healthy routines like eating breakfast every day, knowing how you'll be active tomorrow, etc. Eating vegetables or fruit with every meal or snack is a routine I'll be working on this month. (Read more about My Weight Loss Toolbox here).

Stop midweek spending
I make a list of necessities at the beginning of the week- groceries, toiletries, etc. and go shopping for them at the beginning of the week. But during the week, after the gym, I stop by the store and buy more "necessities." I'm more so buying impulse buys and one, supposed necessity that can wait. In efforts to stop overspending, I'm going to curb this habit.

Ongoing projects/goals from previous months:

from April:
★"Do the "100 Happy Days" challenge
★Embrace the present moment & be flexible
★Read daily to Addy & Juli
★Completely catch up with Project Life

from March:

from February:
Complete a 4 week activity challenge
(My overall goal is to be regularly active).
★Start my family cookbook project
(My family cookbook is an ongoing project).
★Go on a date with Jesse
(This is an ongoing goal).

from January:
Revamp my workout routine
★Dress my vegetables differently in attempts to eat more of them
Begin phase 1 of decorating our home
(Decorating our home is an ongoing goal).

Read more about my goals for 2014 here.

What are your ongoing projects or goals this month?

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