Monday, May 26, 2014

currently in may

(a chicken + strawberry salad with vinaigrette dressing. yum.) 
celebrating Memorial Day
grateful for those brave men and women
enjoying a lovely three day weekend with my family
happy this is the last week of school, but also
sad this is the last week of school
planning fun, summer, daily activities for my girls (see 2013's activities here)
reading a bunch of sandwich books- getting ideas for my 52 sandwiches project
wearing black and white stripes often- horizontal stripes are supposedly not flattering, but I can't help myself
exercising regularly and an looking forward to the activity challenge my Active Link will give me after it finishes assessing me for a few more days
drinking smoothies again- I was motivated after I learned it was one of Jessica Simpson's weight loss secrets
blogging regularly- it's a good outlet for me
enjoying my 100 Happy Days project- there's so much to be happy about
kissing my little Juli every waking hour- she's my little love
watching funny videos per Jesse's request- good thing our humor is the same
itching to get to the thrift store- I want basket planters for one
wanting a California poster/print/whatever
needing a pedicure (you know it's bad when your dry skin is scratchy against the bed spread)
challenging myself to be more organized
instilling routine- it'll be invaluable while my girls are on summer break (we all need the structure)
feeling energized due to sleeping better, exercising, and eating well (for the most part ;)
happy you stopped by today!

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