Tuesday, April 15, 2014

my weight loss toolbox: breakfast & breakfast banana splits

banana split breakfast 1
When I was regularly attending Weight Watchers' meetings, there were often discussions about not attempting to change "big," overgeneralized habits. It was encouraged to focus on changing something small and specific- something manageable and realistic to avoid disappointment and maximize success. Saying, for example, "I'm going to drink water instead of soda for lunch everyday this week" instead of "I am banning sugary drinks;" or "I'm going to walk around the block after dinner Monday through Friday" instead of "I'm going to exercise more;" or "I'm going to take dinner's leftovers for lunch and not order fast food twice this week" instead of "I'm never eating out again." It was suggested that the smaller changes would eventually lead to bigger lifestyle changes, and that it is important to celebrate small and big successes.
banana split breakfast 2
banana split breakfast 3
When I started bettering myself by eating well (or at least improving my eating habits) and moving more, I didn't have a healthy breakfast routine. I was eating whatever was quick, which was usually fatty. Doughnut? Sure. Too busy for breakfast? Eat a big lunch. I wasn't planning any of my breakfasts. (At Weight Watcher meetings, I often heard: Fail to plan? Plan to fail).
banana split breakfast 4
I started incorporating healthier breakfasts into my life and I hardly ever (almost never) skipped breakfast. I often had smoothies when I first started. When I got bored, I explored options. I experimented with oatmeal, yogurt, oatmeal and yogurt together, cereal, eggs, toast, etc. It really doesn't have to be boring. There isn't anything you should be having if you don't like it or are bored with it. It's easy to fall into restrictive mindsets. For example, "I can only have egg whites to be successful with my weight loss." It's not true. There are various, healthy and satisfying options suited to your tastes and lifestyle.
banana split breakfast 5
Breakfast is no longer a problem area or a stumbling block for me. I eat satisfying, healthy breakfasts every day. I've made a long-term, lifestyle change! When I feel bad about a particular area, I remember that I've come a long way, and I can celebrate the changes I've made. If you're in this boat with me, I encourage you not to focus on the end result. Think about it from a daily perspective. Every day has its struggles. Make healthy choices today.
banana split breakfast 6
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  1. That looks delicious! Like I could have it for dessert and not feel completely guilty ;)