Friday, April 25, 2014

currently in april

hey girl taking inadvertent blog breaks
busy, busy, busy with my family... 4 little ones means the to do list is never ending (didn't I just finish washing the dishes?)
reading a few different books right now. I'm not typically a person who reads several books at one time, but I am right now and I kinda like it.
excited to pick up the books on hold for me at the library (it's the little things)
wearing black, white, and denim more these days- my favorite combination
tracking meals on the Weight Watchers app. (I rejoined. Hooray! They have a promotion going on right now- 50% off of the first 3 months if you pay up front).
exercising regularly Monday through Thursday an hour at a time
enjoying Zumba toning the most (the instructor is my favorite, and using weights during the workout is more challenging in a good way)
need to make sure that knee pain was nothing more than a temporary issue
listening to podcasts- I got into podcasts after listening to Elise's
planning to put together a last minute party for Evie weeks after her birthday (it was a hectic month with Juli being sick at the beginning. I'm sure Evie won't mind additional presents even if they're late. ;)
eating sandwiches, sandwiches, and more sandwiches [I will be posting them soon. The other day I went through all of this trouble to make dinner, using a ridiculous amount of pots and appliances for a burger (it's a sandwich!) we were having. Feeling like the mess was getting to more than just me, I turned to Jesse and said, "All for my sandwich project, ya know?" He replied, "I know."]
looking forward to the day I am caught up with Project Life
making time for working on it this weekend
feeling introspective. . . pretty much always
determined to live with the mess and enjoy my girls while they're little itty bitty people
happy the weekend is here
hoping you have a good one

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