Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april goals

april goals

Do the "100 Happy Days" challenge 
I'm excited about this project. The idea is to post pictures daily for 100 days of things that make you happy. Read all about this project here. Maybe you will challenge yourself, as well? There is no particular starting date, so feel free to start whenever. If you do though, I hope you will let me know, so I can follow you wherever you post your pictures. I will be posting on Instagram. I hope you will follow along and keep me accountable. ;) This is my Instagram link (my user name is jessicarrodarte).
Embrace the present moment & be flexible 
I've been feeling overwhelmed lately. I need to remember to be present. My feeling overwhelmed is largely why I am motivated to track that which makes me happy for 100 days. There is so much to be grateful for every day.
Read daily to Addy and Juli
I read often to Lani and Evie when they were little (I still do sometimes), and now they're avid readers. They breeze through chapter books. Addy really enjoys reading, and I want to make it a priority this month to read to my littlest littles. ;)
Completely catch up with Project Life
4 months into the year and I gotta set this goal. I'm so behind!

I was feeling bad that some of my goals for March were a flop. On a whim, I decided to take Elise's "I Choose" goal-setting class (it's funny that I had made a goal to take her class last April). She had plenty of good points to make, but this thought from her struck a chord: "Goals should be fun. They should be inspiring. Encouraging. Motivating." She poignantly advises, "Refuse to get discouraged."

As I was compiling this month's list of goals, I realized that some of the goals I set at the beginning of every month, stay goals/ inspire me past that month. I, however, was feeling as though I wasn't allowed to discuss those goals anymore- that my time had expired- that I was disappointing an imaginary audience. I realize it's ridiculous. These goals are for me. I feel light removing that constrictive mindset.

As far as my goals, I am now giving myself permission to expand upon them in months to follow if I choose. Some of the goals that I didn't accomplish, I also give myself permission to work on/discuss. After all, I'm all about being flexible this year. (You could even stay it's my OLW!) I will be linking to previous months' goals from now on with my current monthly goals. If inspiration strikes, and I work on a goal from a previous month, I will obviously blog about it- as well as include it in my monthly recap at the end of the month.

I've bold-faced what I considered accomplished that month (but added whether I would like to expand on that goal), and crossed off what I feel is complete.

 March goals:
(I will do this at some point).
(This is an ongoing project).
(This is an ongoing project). 

February goals:
★Complete a 4 week activity challenge 
(My overall goal is to be regularly active).
Start my family cookbook project 
(My family cookbook is an ongoing project).
Go on a date with Jesse
(This is an ongoing goal).

January goals:
Revamp my workout routine 
Dress my vegetables differently in attempts to eat more of them 
(This is an ongoing project).
Begin phase 1 of decorating our home 
(Decorating our home is an ongoing goal however).

I like my goals. They are a source of inspiration for me.

Read more about my goals for 2014 here.

Thanks for following along! :)

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