Monday, March 10, 2014

top 5's

what I'm eating/drinking:
★corn tortilla + egg scramble with green salsa + shredded cheese
Jennifer's salad
★granola bars + yogurt

what I'm wearing:
"Peter Pan" boots 
★loose tops
★tights (all day e'ery day)
★sneakers (for exercising)
★fish tail bracelets (my daughters are making them by the dozens)

what's in my purse:
(keeping it simple lately)
★car keys
★pouch from Turkey (a gift from Jasmine) with credit cards, etc.
★a water bottle
★my phone

what's in my car:
★groceries (it's the only reason I go anywhere).  Actually . . .
★my gym bag/necessities (I lied. I go to the gym, too)
★my sisters (my gym partners)
★my glasses (my vision is terrible especially at night)
★my post workout snack (lately it's a granola bar + yogurt)

what I'm watching:
★I am depressed because this season of Downton Abbey is over. :(   I haven't been watching much unless you count... any funny clips from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,
★any funny videos Jesse comes across,
★ or Jasmine comes across,
★almost any video my favorite bloggers post,
★old home videos with my girls in them.

Hope your Monday isn't as slow as mine. ;)

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