Tuesday, March 11, 2014

mom's birthday

It was my mom's birthday this past Sunday.
mom's birthday
My siblings, dad, and I prepared dinner for her.
(I added filters, but my brother-in-law Oscar took the picture above. In case you're curious who's in the picture, from the back row from left to right: my dad- he's practically hiding in the very back, my sister Jennifer, my sister Jasmine, me, my husband Jesse. Second row from left to right: my brother Jonathan- with the goatee, my mom, my brother Joshua, my 4-year-old Addy [who's not usually so serious], Joshua's girlfriend Jenna. Front row from left to right: Joshua is holding my 5-month-old Juli, my 7-year-old Evie, my 10-year old Lani, Jasmine's husband Oscar).
mom's birthday
My little Juli got dressed up in a tutu to celebrate. ;)
Some of the food my mom requested:
mom's birthday Yum! (Jasmine took the picture of the cake. Jesse took the picture of the chilaquiles).

I feel very blessed to have this family. . . especially this mom.