Monday, March 17, 2014

juli is half a year old | gotta have cake

1/2 birthday Juli turned 6 months on Friday. That day, the hour she was born, I thought about how after an intense labor, I got to hold her beautiful self and inhale her intoxicating newborn smell. Truly, the time goes by so fast. My goals those first, hard months with a newborn were to enjoy the present moment and to be flexible. It's still so important now- to remember that these moments are fleeting, that this moment is so special, to love fiercely right now. (Excuse me while I kiss her soft cheeks, nuzzle her neck, and tickle her toes to hear her adorable laugh).
1/2 birthday
To celebrate her 1/2 birthday, I made 1/2 a cake. I got this great idea from Elise. (That Elise is full of good ideas). Like her, I plan to celebrate my girls' 1/2 birthdays with 1/2 a cake and a meal they've chosen.
1/2 birthday
For Juli's 1/2 birthday I made this cake (she's obviously still too young to choose meals), which we've made before. (It's delicious). My girls loved this idea. Evie had read about 1/2 birthdays in one of her Baby-sitters: Little Sister Karen books. She wasn't sure 1/2 a cake was a good idea though. (Won't we want a whole cake?)  :) We also sang 1/2 of the birthday song as Evie said that's what happened in her book.
1/2 birthday
Happy, happy 1/2 birthday, little love muffin (or "muff luffin" as Lani used to say to Evie when she was a baby).

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