Friday, March 28, 2014

five on friday

"lemon meringue" greek yogurt
pretty papers
"banana bread" greek yogurt
Junie B
"chocolate pudding" greek yogurt
These are my Five for Friday:

1. Emma posted Greek Yogurt: 4 Ways this week. I'm obsessed. I pictured 3 of the 4 recipes, but tried all 4 recipes. The lemon meringue is my favorite. They're all delicious though.

2. I'm planning to study this houseplant index because that's how much I love houseplants.

3. I thought this spring canvas was so beautiful. I'm inspired to make my own.

4. It was my oldest's 1/2 birthday this past weekend.  She wanted a turkey pepperoni pizza and walnut brownies with pink whipped cream.

5. I am planning to participate in the 100 Happy Days challenge.