Tuesday, March 18, 2014

finding your (& my) home decorating style- part 1

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I don't know exactly what my home decorating style is. Do you? (If you do, help me! ;) I've been trying to answer this question for 2 years since we've purchased our home. I'm much closer to the "answer" now than I was when we bought it. Part of me thinks that's the thing- you move towards particular styles, shop at particular stores, get exited about this and move away from that, etc. I'm coming to realize that the answer will evolve not only with my likes, but also with my family's current needs and interests.
To help me find more "answers" to this question of style, I found this quiz on the HGTV website: 10 Tips on Finding Your Style, and wanted to share some of my answers, but I invite you to come up with answers to these questions, too:

"Do you have multiple items of the same color, shape or style around your house? [...] It sounds way too simple to be that easy, but most people stop seeing their style even when it's right in front of them."
First and foremost, I like plants- like a ridiculous amount. When I was a teen, my mom says I told her my favorite part of her decor was her collection of houseplants. So, there's that. I'm thinking I'd be perfectly content making couches, tables, and chairs out of pizza boxes as long as there's always plants in my home. ;) I notice that I like to stick to the colors white and very dark brown (almost black) (I like how clean it looks), baskets, natural wood/earthy tones and themes.

"Do you browse the same store all the time, even when you're not looking to buy? [...] Where you look for your furnishings speaks volumes about your style. New, used, found, handed down from family; where your furniture comes from represents your style."
I love thrifting, rummaging through clearance racks (especially Target's), perusing discount stores. Undoubtedly, I'm a penny pincher, but I also like bringing in eclectic pieces.

What's your most recent purchase? "The last thing you bought for your home is a fantastic indicator of what your style is, especially if it is design departure for you."
I bought a bar stool (pictured) to use as a plant stand at a discount store. Oh, and I recently purchased plants (one is also pictured). Of course. I like plants.

"What unites your stuff? [...] Whether it's color, scale, shape or era, the uniting element in your home is the best place to start when looking for your style."
I like to stick to color schemes, in general. It's a good starting point, and I think it's a simple way to limit what comes in. My living spaces have mostly dark brown furniture pieces and white and earthy accents (like woven baskets). The bedrooms and bathrooms also adhere to color schemes. The nursery, for example, is grey, white, dark brown, and light brown. (See here).

"What's your most fave room in your home? Look to your best design work and repeat it. There is nothing wrong with having all your rooms designed similarly. In fact, it can bring a calm and serene feel to your house."
I love the sitting area in my home. I love the furniture pieces that are in there: the expedit bookshelf and the armless chairs, for example. I have various books that represent each member of our family, family games, and multiple family pictures in the expedit. It is also full of plants. (Surprise. Surprise). (See here).

I will likely be sharing the rest of my answers soon. I so appreciated HGTV's article 10 Tips to Finding Your Style. Again, I invite you to ask yourself these questions and define your style. :)

See glimpses of my home here.

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