Tuesday, February 4, 2014

valentine's sharpie mug DIY

We love warm drinks at our house.  My girls never refuse a mug full of hot chocolate.  :)
I made a fun, simple personalized mug to give to each of my little ones on Valentine's Day.
valentine's sharpie mug DIY
I had seen these DIY mugs before, but my favorite mugs were made by Elsie.  They're so cute.  She personalized her mugs using her beautiful handwriting.  I love hers, but I'm not that fond of my handwriting. ;)  I used stickers instead as templates.
valentine's sharpie mug DIY
I used the negative cutout of the heart sticker (the outside sticker portion of the heart itself), and alphabet stickers to personalize each of their mugs (oh, I should mention I got the mugs at the $1 store!):
valentine's sharpie mug DIY
Then I used a hot pink sharpie and colored the hearts in.  It didn't take long for the ink to dry.  After they dried, I removed the stickers.
[Edit: These need to be baked at 350* for 30 minutes.  I forgot that very important step and the ink washed right off! It was easy to redo though. ;)]  
I like how they turned out.
These are for Lani and Evie:
valentine's sharpie mug DIY
These are for Addy and Juli:valentine's sharpie mug DIY
Juli obviously won't be using hers until she's older. She and I have the same initial, so maybe I'll use hers until she claims it. ;)
I'll think I'll fill them with some candy, and surprise them on Valentine's Day.
valentine's sharpie mug DIY
Read more about wash and care on Elsie's post.  :)

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