Tuesday, February 11, 2014

my weight loss toolbox: exercising willpower

I am on a mission to lose weight in hopes to some day maintain a healthy weight. How? Well, I'm eating better and moving more.
To be successful, I have to have buckets of willpower, of which I have very little (one bucket at most ;). Willpower is easier to have when you're sleeping well. I'm not because I have a little one(s). So, until I start sleeping better (it won't be for a while), what am I to do about willpower??

I appreciated this tip by Jacque Wilson in "11 Simple Weight Loss Tips:" "Willpower is a mental muscle. Exercise it." Wilson goes on to say we don't have endless amounts of energy. We all have willpower reservoirs and they can get depleted. We need to learn to use our willpower wisely.  I especially appreciated this thought Wilson quoted by psychologist Sean Connolly:exercising willpower 
I think it's helpful to realize that we need to learn to use our precious supply of willpower wisely.

As far as exercising, I've learned that working out with other people inspires and challenges me. I push myself harder to keep up with them. The willpower I don't have comes from others. I also schedule my workouts at the beginning of the week with my sisters. I don't have to fight with myself throughout the day about whether I'm going to workout or not as I've done in the past because I honor my commitments. I don't use my little supply of willpower to muster up energy. It makes my life easier.

As far as eating well, I have areas in which I'm doing well and others where I'm not.  I have to be careful to replace less nutritious food with nutritious food.  The nutritious food has to be at the forefront.  If I have junk calling me, I prefer the junk.  It takes my little tank of willpower to choose the nutritious over the junk, and often that little tank is low if not empty.  If I eliminate the option of junk, then I don't have to use my willpower to choose the nutritious as it is the only option available.  Know what I mean? 
Now to throw away the cookies in the pantry...

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