Monday, February 10, 2014

jennifer's green salad with feta

A happy recipe came out of my trying to eat more vegetables last month. (I'm still trying to eat more vegetables). My sister Jennifer had been making this green salad for our family get togethers. I finally asked if she would give me her recipe, and she did. It's so easy to put together. I love it, and plan to have it often. She's kindly allowed me to share her recipe. :)
I should note that she usually includes mushrooms, but I forgot to add them. I think the star of this salad is the feta, so feel free to omit any vegetables you don't like, and add the ones you do; the feta is a must though! ;)
salad 1 salad 2 salad 3 salad 4 salad 5 salad 6 salad 7 salad 8
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