Friday, February 7, 2014

five on friday

I both love and hate Fridays, remember? ;) Fridays are "pay our bills day." That's no fun. Fridays are also "plan the menu day." I play both the family chef and the family accountant. The chef wants to make lavish, nutritious meals for the week, but the account always kills the chef's dreams. "No caviar this week, chef." I don't like the accountant. ;)

These are my 5 for the week.
1. Waterlogue app photos are popping up on Instagram. I first saw it on Elise's feed. I love it! I wish the app was available for Android. I did download it on Jesse's Ipad though, which I never use. I will have to use it for the many projects I have in mind for this app though.

2. The endorphins are starting to kick in during my workouts. I'm enjoying it even more, and missed it this week when I was sick. I even enjoyed the burn during the military presses yesterday. The music helps me push through them, too.

3. I was looking through my "For the Love of Plants" Pinterest board and realized I love stands with an array of plants. I pin those most often. I think I have to make that a reality in my home somewhere.

4. I love her work. Her tables are phenomenal.

5.  I've been wanting carne asada tacos ever since I saw this picture. It's happening this weekend. I am also going to attempt to make chocolate flan. Wish me luck. ;)

Have a good one!

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