Monday, February 24, 2014

currently in february

currently ★happy my house is tidy
★attempting to eat clean(er)
★exercising at a higher level of intensity- I love feeling sore the next day
★drinking hot coffee every morning when Lani and Evie have left for school and Addy and Juli  are still sleeping
★loving quiet mornings
★disappointed to have watched Downton Abbey's seasonal finale. I want to keep watching it every week. I love it.
★behind on Project Life, but looking forward to catching up
★staying up too late
★eating green salad with feta (yum)
★looking forward to receiving my recently ordered glasses. It's the little things.
★determined to get to the library soon
★making sandwiches like crazy
★excited to see this print I ordered
★need to catch up with my favorite comedies (I like to binge watch them): New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family 
★wearing tights with comfortable loose fitted tops (for easy nursing)
★taking mid morning naps lately before the girls wake up (probably why I'm staying up late)
★dreaming about a gallery wall
★wanting to buy more plants
★planning my mom's and sister's birthday celebrations
★enjoying shifts in perspective

Hope your Monday is not as slow as mine!

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