Wednesday, January 15, 2014

workspace wednesday

workspace wednesday
This week I completed my December Daily.  I had a few loose ends to tie as I had mentioned, and man.  It feels good to be done with it.  Good in the sense that it isn't a work in progress anymore- not a "good riddance" kind of good.  I enjoyed working on it very much.  I also completed my 2013 Project Life album.  So. Happy.  I had been putting off a few things I needed to do- complete Juli's birth story, print it, and include it, finish up a Thanksgiving layout, do a recap of December's events, and complete the end page.  But it's done!  It's an awesome feeling.  If you're on the fence about starting Project Life, take this as the push to do it.  ;)  Really though.  The other day Jesse and I were discussing when we were engaged and how we lived our lives then.  I don't remember events leading up to our wedding.  I said, "How nice would it have been if I had been doing Project Life then?"  I know years from now these albums will be amazing to look through.

I am now working on my 2014 Project Life book.  I am working on 3 layouts: the title page (above), week 1, and week 2.  The pictures are printed and ready to go.  I feel on top of the game.  I have to enjoy the feeling while it lasts.  It's easy to get behind! ha.  I'm loving the title page so far.  I got the idea to make journaling cards with the potty people silhouettes from Elise (see her layout here).  I got this stamp set a few months ago, which had an adult man and woman silhouette as well as smaller silhouettes for children.  I thought it was so cute when I saw it.

That's it for me.  How about you?  What are you working on?

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