Tuesday, January 28, 2014

my weight loss toolbox: overcoming exercise challenges

I revamped my old, workout routine- it was one of my goals for January.  I had trial passes to a few gyms these past few weeks, and I settled on a gym nearby that was very inexpensive.  I'm glad to be working out regularly again!  I put a list together of 3 tips to overcome some common excuses challenges to exercising that I have used:

1.  "I don't have time."
I have 4 little ones and my time is valuable. To overcome this challenge, I plan ahead.  My gym has a schedule of classes.  I look over my planner at the beginning of the week and decide which classes work for me.  Evening priorities for me include helping my girls with their homework, getting them ready for school the next day (showers, school outfits, and what not), and having dinner altogether.  I schedule classes around that.  Sometimes I prep dinner the night before after their bedtime, so I have time to workout the next day.
Another way I overcome this challenge is I stick with routines in which I get more bang for my buck.  By that I mean, I will do high intensity, interval workouts (cardio mixed with strength training) because they are effective.  Jillian Michaels' videos are tough, but they are also only about 25 minutes long.  Lessening the duration of  the workout, but intensifying them saves time, but results are still noticeable.
Another way I overcome this challenge is by realizing exercising is 100% "me time." If I find an exercise routine I enjoy, not only am I doing something good for me, I am also unwinding. That's worth my time.

2.  "I hate exercising."
I do hate some forms of exercise (though I have been known to shift my perspective on some of my most despised forms of exercising), but there are other forms of exercising that I really enjoy- a big one for me is Zumba.  I also recently tried a Ripped class.  I loved it!  It's not fair to say I hate working out if I've only tried one or two ways.  There is a variety of options.  Sometimes I need to give one (or ten) a try until I find something that works for me.

3. "Exercising is expensive."
I had stayed away from the gym for so long thinking I didn't have the money for it. I gave a few expensive gyms a try during this trial run ultimately deciding that those wouldn't work for me. My current gym though is surprisingly inexpensive! I am very happy with it. There are obviously other options than joining a gym. I used Jillian Michaels' videos for quite a while and definitely got my money's worth. (I will likely be using them again in the future, as well). Hiking, running, walking are all practically free options.
I will add though that I believe good health is a worthwhile investment. What better than investing the quality of your life (and the length of your life!)?

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