Tuesday, January 21, 2014

decorating our home: phase 1

"Begin phase 1 of decorating our home" is one of my goals for January.
I drew a layout of our home with furniture as it is currently. For now I am focusing on the main living areas of our home and then moving to the bedrooms later.
Our house was built in the 80's, so it has an interesting layout. When you first walk in, there is a space that was designed to be a dining area to the right.
Untitled We didn't like that layout concept, so we made it a sitting area instead. These are the the pieces that are currently in there:sitting area
I really love this space because some of my favorite furniture pieces are in there like my expedit bookshelf and my armless chairs. Plus, I have a crazy amount of plants in there, which I love. (The area rug is from Target.  The baskets are from Ikea.  I picked up the ampersand bookend at Michael's a few years ago).
I've shared a few pictures of this space before:
bookshelf sitting area510 things making me happy
To the left of the entry is the hallway leading to the bedrooms, which I will be sharing later.
Behind the sitting area is an unusually long space. We're not sure what the idea was for this long space, but we made 2 spaces from this area: the living room (more often referred to as the TV area) and a dining area.
Directly behind the sitting area is a "TV area/ living room."
TV area
These are the current pieces in there:
tv area
We have a big sectional couch, which really defines this space.  We have a big family with 4 daughters. We also both have big, extended families. Jesse and I both have 4 siblings each. Some with families of their own. It's nice to have a place for everybody to sit to talk or watch a movie together. Our entertainment center was put together with a TV unit, 2 bookcases, and a wall bridging shelf. We like it, and it was inexpensive compared to other units we had considered. I have several pictures in frames (mostly the inexpensive, white frames from Target) in the bookcases. Behind the couch, we have 2 expedit bookcases that make a long sofa table. I use the table to store my craft supplies.  (I have also included a few plants in this space, but not enough!  I have two white lamps, but I don't know where they're from.  I should have kept the tags!  I found this one from Crate&Barrel, which I like).
I've shared a few pictures of this space before:
spider plant
June 2013 005
everyday workspace wednesday On the other side of the TV area is the dining area.
dining area
We have long table, which sits 8 comfortably. We got the table and chairs on Craigslist, which was sold as a set for a good price. I like the length of the table, but not the color or the formal chairs. They work for now. I eventually want to replace the chairs and paint the table... but I'm getting ahead of myself. I will be doing another post discussing what I want to do in each of these spaces.  This is a peek of our dining area, which I've shared before (obviously during the fall):
And this one during my parents' anniversary celebration:30th anniversary party
Finally, next to the dining area and to the right of the sitting area is our kitchen.
I love that my kitchen is so spacious.
May 2013 008
It has great counter space, plenty of cabinets, a kitchenette area with a small secondhand table, and a large pantry.  Behind the kitchenette is a laundry room. I will share pictures of it another day. I've talked your ear off enough for one day. ;)

I am excited to share our plans for our spaces and more pictures soon. Thanks for stopping by!

See other glimpses of my home here.

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