Monday, January 20, 2014

currently in january

★loving the day off today
★deeply inspired by nonviolent resistance (we watched The Butler this past weekend.  Have you seen it?)
★organizing my calendar for the year by adding birthdays, vacations, etc.
★planning to be more organized this year *crossing my fingers*
★watching Downton Abbey (I haven't seen the third episode, but the second one made me mad.  I had to tell myself "this is not real" to get over it.  Do you watch?)
★thinking about going back to school
★hoping to start the enrollment process soon (bleh)
★enjoying Zumba classes so much
★happy to be exercising regularly again
★drinking hot coffee every day (decaf because caffeine gives me heart palpitations. Lame, I know)
★eating way too much chocolate
★reading psychological articles about changing bad habits and replacing them with good ones.  I enjoyed this article, in particular
★wearing a pretty new scarf
★needing to sleep more (talk about changing bad habits)
★determined to decorate our home with inexpensive DIY projects
★planning to share some of those projects soon here
★obsessed with rubber stamping (it's currently my favorite medium)
★dreaming about buying all of my favorite stamps (have you seen Molly's new stamps?  Love them.)
★searching for supplies for this online class (as my sister Jasmine said, "We're totally out of our element.")
★excited for the class though
★wishing you a good day today :)

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  1. thanks for sharing! i can't wait for you to get your stamp! :)

  2. We are *totally* our of our element. Downton Abbey... so good. It *feels* real.