Friday, January 24, 2014

5 facts friday

How has your week been?
It's been a regular week around here... shuffling little ones to school; chatting nonstop with Addy (she's full of questions and observations); nursing, rocking, and playing with Juli; exercising; cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...
Anyhow... My mom's friend has been emailing inspirational quotes to her and she emails them to me. I liked this one.
It's interesting.

Onto my 5 for today:
1. I prefer for others not to use trendy abbreviations or shorten names. For example, I prefer "I totally agree, Megan" over "Totes, Meg." My sister sent me this hysterical Sprint commercial this week.
2. We're finally getting around to watching the final season of Breaking Bad. We're obsessed. It's the best show ever.
3. Last year I realized my skin gets excessively dry in the winter. I so appreciated these winter beauty tips.
4. Jesse and I haven't had a date night since Juli was born. It's way overdue. This post got me thinking about exploring creative options.
5. I love tips on productivity, help with time management, and goal setting.

Hope you have a great weekend. :)

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