Thursday, December 12, 2013

project life: 2014

I am definitely planning to continue with Project Life in 2014 for memory keeping.  It has worked incredibly well for me this year.  Last week Addy (she's my 4 year old) was looking through my current Project Life album.  I sat down and began to describe all of the pages to her so that she would remember and understand.  "This is when we went to the park.  Remember?"  "This is when your sister Juli was born.  Remember?  You're the new big sister.  See?"  It was the one moment this year that made me realize how valuable it is to document our lives together.  She looked through it happily, and even after we finished looking through the album together, she went back to look at it again on her own.

This was my first year doing Project Life and I've learned some things about my style and how to simplify my process.    For one, I need to be flexible.  I'm not designing pages for a company.  My pages don't have to look professional.  I'm not a professional.  I'm doing the best I can.  Companies aren't sending me their latest products for free to make layouts, so I advertise their products for them.  (Frankly, I couldn't handle the pressure).  They're working.  I'm not.  This is my fun hobby.  
Project Life 2014
That said, I've compiled a list of basic tools and supplies I will be using this year. Nobody is paying me to discuss these things with you. I'm not a professional. ;)  ha.

This year I am using this album again.  You true followers know I started off using the white signature binder from Becky Higgins.  I love the white, but I should have known it would get dirty.  I switched over to We R Memory Keepers' black album when I couldn't stand it anymore.  I will say that I prefer the quality of the rings in the Becky Higgins' album.  The We R Memory Keepers' rings don't keep the pages secure.  Annoyingly, I've had to put the pages back in the rings multiple times.  I might have to find a black, Becky Higgins' album...

I am using Design A pocket pages mostly this year.  I prefer that layout, but I will probably be including inserts again this year when need be. I have plenty of inserts left.

I have a few core kits I'm using, but the Midnight Edition is my favorite. I love the color scheme.

I've talked about this before, but it's worth repeating. I am using Pilot's razor point extra fine tip pens for journaling. They're my favorite. They're great quality pens.

I am using Close to My Heart's archival black ink pad because I've had it forever (since I was a consultant a few years ago).  I love stamping on my layouts. I have a kabillion stamps.

I have several roller date stamps (I expanded my collection this year), but my favorite roller stamp is this one with the days of the week on it.

Finally, I love tiny alphabet stickers to use on my album. These Tim Holtz in black are a favorite. I found some similar ones in the dollar bins at Joann's. They're awesome, and the price tag can't be beat. ;)

If you're interested in an easy way to keep your memories, this is your answer!  (Truly, I'm not being paid.  ;)

See more of my 2014 book here.


  1. Loving your list of products and approach on keeping it simple this coming year! I'm always looking for some good I'm gonna have to get me some Pilot's razor point extra fine tip pens!! ;0)

    1. I love those pilot pens. I highly recommend them! Thank you for visiting! ;)