Friday, December 6, 2013

five facts friday

december daily 2014
I pulled out labels for my December Daily.* (I love them!)  

1. I typically order sandwiches at restaurants. I love a good sandwich (hence my project).

2. I went on a mission trip to Honduras when I was 16 to help build a church.

3. I don't gross out easily. All of the topics that make others gag at the dinner table don't bother me.  Want me to name them?  ;)

4. My greatest pet peeve is loud, crunchy chewing- even my own.

5. My cousin Marta (hi, Marta!) had a box full of stickers in her room when I was young.  I would sneak into her room when she wasn't home and look through the box. When I was feeling especially gutsy, I would take sheets of the ones which had multiples. #thief

This weekend we are hoping to take a much needed breather. The shorter days have thrown us off. When Jesse gets home from work, the sun is already setting and it feels like it's bedtime shortly after. We're also exhausted from this little person demanding all of our time. ;)

I hope you have a good weekend.

*See my December Daily 2013 book here.

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