Monday, December 30, 2013

december daily 2013

I caught up with my December Daily over the weekend. It took a few hours, and it feels amazing that I will complete this project before 2014 rolls around. Yay yay.
See my foundation for my December Daily here.
Untitled Untitled 3
My book will contain the entire month of December (most move on after Christmas). I like having the entire month documented though I will admit that post Christmas days are much more quiet. I like documenting the quiet, too. :)
I am also thinking about finishing up my 2013 Project Life album soon. It's crazy how fast a year has gone by.
I'm glad you stopped by today!



  1. I love it so much, so pretty. And the cover! So cute!

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Love your blog. So glad I found you on Instagram. This is my first year doing December Daily. Your photos are very inspiring!!! Love your use of numbers (totally doing that now too) and I love the whole page photo you cut into four!1 Can't wait to see your album this year!!


    1. Hi Jackie,
      Thank you so much! December Daily is a project I enjoy very much. I think you will, too! :)