Monday, December 16, 2013

currently in december

★kissing Juli's soft, chubby cheeks
★drinking several cups of decaf coffee a day
★obsessed with December Daily. I am behind, but anxious to catch up
★weather is "cold," but sunny here in California
december ★needing to find moments to myself
★exploring new activity options (I'm tired of my old routine)
★trying to declutter my spaces
sleeping cat napping
december ★watching The Office (almost done!)
★starting to prepare myself for Project Life: 2014
★searching for more meaningful presents
★wearing the same old, ratty clothes ;)
december ★feeling busy
★planning various, festive activities with my girls
★reading blogs... always blogs
★happy for a warm home
december ★hoping to stop and appreciate the moment
★eating healthier
★preparing myself for a more organized year
★dreaming of getting back down to my goal weight
december ★enjoying the pine smell of our Christmas tree
★thinking about my grandpa who passed away when I was 12.  This was his favorite time of year.
★learning that though this time of year is full of cheer, it also brings some heartache
★wanting to spread cheer

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