Thursday, November 7, 2013


When I have a moment to myself, I am working on catching up with Project Life. I am several weeks behind with the best excuse ;) but I've been choosing and editing my pictures and am so close to sending them to get printed. The picture choosing is my least favorite part of Project Life. Right now it has been especially tough choosing photos because I've taken so many pictures of Juli over the the past few weeks.

In the early weeks after Juli was born, when I couldn't get to my Project Life album, I would gather inspiration on my phone when I was nursing or rocking Juli while she napped. I would gather (and still gather) inspiration from my favorite Project Lifers, which include Elise, Molly, Pam, Tina, Elsie, Hope, Trisha, and Jessica.

I also did a bit of fall and December Daily online shopping itching to embellish my Project Life album.
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Flair badges are from A Flair for Buttons (I love buying flair badges from Shelley because she offers custom sets {of 8, 10, or 12} made from any of her badges in any of her sets).
Project Life cards are from the Sunshine edition designed by Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess.
The "I'm bringing cozy back" cards are free printables from Tina. (Thank you!)
Wood veneers are from Elle's Studio.

I am looking forward to finally getting these pictures printed and being totally caught up with Project Life. It is one of my goals for November, after all.

(Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins.  The idea is to use sectional protective sheets to store and present pictures and embellishments.  Pictures can be slipped right in their original printed sizes to make memory keeping easy.  Journaling cards are also sold cut to size to be slipped right in.  It can't get any easier.  Be sure to check out Becky Higgins' site because I am not doing the products justice!) 

Happy mess-making! :)

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  1. Cute stuff Jessica! Especially love the Christmas items.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! :) Hope you're having a good one!

  2. Wow! This is so cute! I love how you coordinated them! So so cute.

    1. Thank you. :) If I can't get to my Project Life album at least I can color coordinate the embellishments.