Tuesday, November 5, 2013

top 5's

muffin tin monday
what I'm eating/drinking:
pumpkin smoothies with light whipped cream 
egg muffin/omelettes
★peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches

what I'm wearing:
basic camisoles for nursing
★plaid pajama bottoms (I'm homebound right now as I live to nurse)
★faux fur-lined boots at night when it's cold
★my favorite striped black and white shirt for going out, which is rare

what's in my purse: (where is my purse??)
★baby essentials: diapers, baby wipes, a change of clothes
★my weekly planner
★pouch from Turkey (a gift from Jasmine) with credit cards, etc.
★my camera
★I was hiding candy in there, but I finished that

what's in my car: (I haven't seen the inside of my car in a while, but when I am in there...)
the boppy 
★Addy and Juli (we haven't gone anywhere with Lani and Evie- all of our trips have been while they're in school)
★Evidence of our preparing for Juli before she was born- after visit prenatal summaries for one
★Junk mail (I have a bad habit of leaving it in there)
★Random toys and books

what I'm watching:
Breaking Bad (After hearing nothing but positive reviews, Jesse and I started watching. We're big fans. We watched all of the seasons available on Netflix, and are now impatiently waiting for part 2 of the 5th season, which is expected to be on Netflix the 2nd week of November) [edit: that turned out to be false information! Bummer!]
Downton Abbey (Again, after hearing nothing but positive reviews, I started watching. I love it. I watched the first 2 seasons on Hulu, and just recently ordered the 3rd season on ebay. It hasn't arrived, yet, but I am looking forward to watching it. The 4th season premieres in January).
The Office (I started watching a few weeks ago after Oscar and Jasmine insisted. They recently finished. Jasmine said she cried during the finale. I am in the middle of the 5th season. I love it).
Parks and Recreation (I started watching after Jennifer recommended it. It's so funny, and I love Leslie Knope's wardrobe. I love all of her simply patterned blouses).
Dancing with the Stars (I'm an avid watcher).

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  1. I still have one of your nursing camisoles =X I will return it when we watch the second episode of breaking bad ;)

    1. Lol. It's okay. We. Have. To. Watch. Breaking. Bad.