Friday, November 1, 2013

november goals

Happy November! :) This time of year is my favorite with back-to-back holidays and warm festivities. I am eager to start blogging again. I love this little space. September and October were busy months for me readjusting our family's routine with Juli, who is now 7 weeks old. It hasn't been easy juggling my responsibilities as a mom of 4 because having a newborn is a full time job with never ending shifts. Juli has started smiling and interacting socially. I will take her smiles and cooing as payments for a job well done. It's a sweet time.
november goals: 2013
I've compiled my list of November goals. My priority this month as it has been for the past 2 is to embrace the present moment & be flexible. This time won't last forever and I want to enjoy my little one though the nights are sleepless, her cries are heartbreaking, my breasts have taken a beating from breastfeeding, I can't sit down and comfortably enjoy a meal with my family, and showers are a thing of luxury. This time will pass and though it's the toughest job I've ever had, it's also the most beautiful and most rewarding. As a seasoned mother, I know this moment is fleeting. I can't forget to embrace this moment. The dishes can wait. My house can be in shambles (I need this) as I rock Juli to sleep, smell her hair, and kiss her powdery soft cheeks.

I also intend to relentlessly document this time. I also plan to document 30 Days of Thankful. It is one of my goals for the month. I am also doing a December Daily again this year, and need to have a game plan, so I don't fall behind as it is easy to do during such a busy month. This month I plan to prepare paper & embellishments for my December Daily.  I am behind on my Project Life, but have intentions to catch up completely by the end of the month.

So, those are my goals. Manageable, I think.  I read this post a few weeks ago, which helped me get a handle on managing various tasks and working towards goals.  I have to take her goal-setting class because she seems to really have a handle on this stuff.

(I wasn't able to post my October goals, but they were simple and here if you would like to see them).

Read more about my goals for 2013 here.

I hope you have a good weekend, and as always, thank you for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like great goals! I´m a listmaker too. :D
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I hope I can get through my goals! I'm wary as I can hardly respond to an email. ;) I am sorry for the late response. Thank you for your kind comment!