Thursday, November 14, 2013

my weight loss toolbox: back to square one

weight loss toolbox
Due to my recent pregnancy and too many indulgences, I've gained 40 pounds.  Some of that is pregnancy weight and will drop off on its own, but some of it is stuffing-my-face-with-cookies weight.  I was one pound away from my goal weight when I got pregnant.  I could dwell on that and feel really bad about it, but I've already done that and it doesn't help.  It's time to move on and make healthy changes.

Last week I got together with my sisters and discussed motives for healthy change.  I will share some of mine:

★I like being active.  It felt really good when I would run a 5k or go hiking or take a Zumba class.

★I feel better when I am disciplined.

★Fitness is actually a fun hobby for me.  I enjoy finding new ways to be active and finding healthy recipes to try.

★I want to live my life with intention.  I don't want others or situational circumstances dictating what I do in my life (overeating just 'cause it's there).

That's where I am right now on this journey.  Today I choose to be better- not perfect, but definitely better. 
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