Monday, November 18, 2013

currently in november

currently ★learning to ignore the mess while I enjoy this time with Juli
★reading Psychology Today 
★happy for Jesse's constant thoughtfulness
★preparing my December Daily 
★starting a new book
★searching for quality time with Jesse
★obsessed with Instagram- I rarely post, but I'm on all the time
★using Feedly and loving it even more than I loved Google Reader (gasp!)
★exploring healthy dinner recipes
★trying to eat more vegetables
★experimenting with when to fit my workouts in during the day
★sleeping for longer stretches (yay!)
★watching The Office
★making 30 days of Thankful layouts
★planning a quiet Thanksgiving
★dreaming of accomplishing Jesse's idea (every Saturday, going along with one family member's perfect way to spend a Saturday)
★hoping to get a haircut soon
★eating breakfast for dinner
★drinking warm drinks as much as possible
★wearing pajamas... too often
★feeling excited for this time of year
★weather is unpredictable... my daughter wore shorts and sandals last week
★wanting time to myself
★needing to exercise
★thinking I over think things
★enjoying quiet mornings
★savoring this time with Juli

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  1. awww! Beautiful photo! Thats a great list!

  2. your bundle is precious and enjoy the pjs...i never get dressed unless i have to. welcome to the mom of four gang. ive learned that i just need to breathe and let things be cause there is always another day and worrying only makes u feel like junk

    1. Thank you!! :)
      I totally agree. It's time to enjoy our babies before they're grown.