Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 things making me happy

10 things making me happy
My Juli has been taking cat naps during the day. "Slept like a baby" is a funny saying because babies really don't sleep well by adult standards.  I'm not surprised by her irregular sleeping because I've had 3 babies before her. I know babies are not predictable and are on their own schedule. That's why my top goal these next few months is to embrace the present moment and be flexible. (It should be my goal all the time, really).

I have a list of things presently making me happy.

1.  Juli's generous smiles
2.  My little companion Addy
3.  Warm drinks
10 things making me happy
4.  Cloudy days
5.  Houseplants
10 things making me happy
6.  How smart my phone is
7.  Blogging regularly
8.  Catching up with Project Life
9.  Clean floors
10.  Starting to wear makeup again as a routine (rather than just because I have a doctor's appointment)

What's making you happy presently?


  1. I love that picture of the coffee! Right now... I'm happy to be able to read blogs at work ;) *shhhh*

    1. It took a few shots to take that picture. By the time I was done, I had more creamer than coffee. Want some coffee with your creamer? (I couldn't resist. I love sarcastic jokes about disproportion. Want some fries with your ketchup?)