Wednesday, September 11, 2013

workspace wednesday

Still waiting. . . ;)

This week, I have been working on my Project Life album.  I mentioned that I want to be caught up by the time our baby is born; otherwise, I am nervous that I will never catch up.  I am working on the title page of my second 12x12" album, and that is all I have left to be completely caught up.  (Yay.)  My first book was really full;  I was hoping I would only have to use 2 albums for the year, but it was driving me crazy to see it that big.  I couldn't enjoy looking through it, so I decided to take out the summer break pages, which were all 8 1/2x11" and put them into a binder that size.  Now I will have 2- 12x12" albums and 1- 8 1/2x11" album for the year.  I think I will most likely do this again next year. I like the idea of a "mini" summer break book to break up the year.  It's easier to flip through, as well.
workspace wednesday
I also worked on hanging some photographs in the nursery of my girls as babies.  I used 4- 12x12" canvases (I will be printing a picture of our baby when she is born; that's why the 4th one isn't pictured above).  On the canvases, I glued oversized prints (they're printed on regular, copy paper) from Staples.  They are far from perfect, but the imperfections are hardly noticeable at a distance.  I can't beat adorable wall art for $10.  (For a better idea of how to do this, look at Sasha's post).
That's what I've been working on.  How about you?  :)

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