Wednesday, September 4, 2013

workspace wednesday

If you haven't been following along, I've spent the last couple of weeks completely cleaning out my craft room.  I did get rid of 50% like I said I wanted to, and it feels relieving to have minimized that much of it.  I hadn't been crafting much as I had been focusing on destashing, so I fell behind with Project Life.  Today I started working on organizing my layouts to catch up.  I find organizing the layouts to be the most tedious part- figuring out what pictures to use, what layouts look best, what paper coordinates nicely, etc.  Putting the layouts together once I've figured all of that out is the fun part.  :)
I made good progress today, and hope I can get my pictures printed by tomorrow.  (I don't have a fancy schmancy printer, so I print my pictures at Walmart).
I can't wait to fill the pockets, and see the layouts come together.
In other news, I rewarded purging so much of my craft junk by buying some supplies.  Seems counterproductive, eh?  I will argue that less is more EXCEPT when it comes to roller date stamps.  I had to buy a few more after talking about them.  I love them:
Also, I did not intend to buy more alphabet stickers until I came across these for a crazy deal at Big Lots:
You know how much Thickers are, right?  These were $2.  How could they not come home with me??

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